Software Development Services

Hi, I'm Anton, a full-stack engineer and entrepreneur. I offer various IT services as a founder of Tech-5 and a chairman of Fullstack Events. Feel free to contact me.

  • Software development, management, training
  • Web, APIs, DataScience, Python, JS, HTML/CSS
  • Munich, Germany

Quick facts

  • Developer since 2009

    10 years of Python, 5 years of Javascript

    Independent since 2016

    Running a software agency in Munich

  • 28 conference activities

    Talks and workshops

    2 Master degrees

    Computer Science and Telecommunications

Professional Services

  • System architecture

    Design of complex information systems


    Organizing an engineering team

  • Software Development

    Hands-on programming work

    Professional training

    Commercial and non-commercial workshops

My technical stack

  • Code

    • Python and Javascript, backend.
      Tools: Tornado, Django, Express.js
    • JS/HTML/CSS, frontend.
      Tools: Angular, React, Bootstrap, Vanilla JS/CSS
    • Data science: PySpark, Pandas, Scikit-learn
  • Databases

    • PostgreSQL
      Optimisation, clustering, backup and replication
    • DB2
      IBM certified database administrator
    • MySQL (innodb)
      Design, optimisation
  • Infrastructure

    • Application Containers/Docker
      Kubernetes deployments: Google Cloud, AWS Fargate etc
    • Packaging
      Debian packages for complex tools, native python/node packages for shared code
  • Build pipelines

    • Gitlab CI, Jenkins
      installation, automation, fine-tuning
    • Gulp, Webpack, NPM
      setting a clean frontend pipeline with optional backend integration

Let's keep in touch

Munich, Germany